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Consumers will feel comfortable and confident in doing business with their product & service providers because of the level of conduct LB & Co. holds them to.


Businesses will see there are many ways to meet qualified & motivated consumers. LB & Co.'s proprietary technology allows them to make the impossible possible.


The level of confidence consumers and businesses have on the LB & Co. network is unparalleled. TrustE, VeriSign, LeadExec, X-Verify, BriteVerify are a few reasons why.

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“You guys always do a great job, you listen and more importantly, you make us money!”

“You guys really know what you're doing. And it shows.”

A Note from Our CMO

Most of our focus is on managing our assets & consumer acquisition strategies. Every facet of our marketing and media projects is tirelessly tested and ran through a systematic process to ensure consumers are getting the appropriate messaging and businesses are seeing that the consumers they speak with are engaged and interested in the products and services they offer. By effectively managing these assets & strategies, we can focus the rest of our time on ensuring that the traffic being generated is of high quality and the analytical data has pinpoint accuracy.

Because of the diversified media reach -- from PPC, Email, SEO, Blogs, Affiliates, Display, CPV, Banner, Mobile and In-Text advertising -- we are able to have a very dynamic flow of traffic. This allows us to deliver consistent volume and a variety of prospects at any given time. Our innovative, proprietary technologies drive our systems into more and more efficiency — even while we sleep. Our strategic partnerships allow us to keep consumers secure and businesses to an extremely high level of excellence.

From planning to execution, whether you are looking to purchase leads for your new telemarketing room, have a room full of salespeople that want a new lead source, or want to have someone manage your marketing budget for you, LB & Company has not only the tools, experience and platform to help you achieve your goals, but the passion, drive and willpower to take your business to the next level. From start to finish, every step has been tried and tested. If you are a business owner or CMO, you should feel confident in knowing that we have the tools and experience to help you take your business places you may have never even thought of. And as a consumer, you should feel safe and secure knowing that we hold the businesses we partner with to the highest levels of superiority and integrity.

Before you decide to implement your next marketing campaign, no matter how large or small, contact LB & Company first — you'll be thankful that you did.

                                                                                                                         Warmest Regards,